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The underground scene takes many shapes and forms nowadays in pushing the musical boundaries of dark art and experimentation and England’s Hateful Abandon are no exception. Their blends of Dark Pop, Post Punk with light compliments of Black Metal take a dark figure or regressive art in a new progressive light.

Originally known as Abandon formed by Vintyr (Martin Edward) from UKBM Basilisk, Somerset BM Swine was later added to the picture with a common interest and love for 80’s pop, punk and industrial such as The Cure and Killing Joke. This vision mixed with their musical backgrounds of Black Metal could and still does spell danger to some of the more elitist fans in the scene, but H.A. delivered something more than memorable for fans of experimental music with their 2008 debut Famine (Into The Bellies Of Worms) and with a new album scheduled for this year H.A. are not short of ideas in setting their bar in experimentation higher and higher…

Interview 22nd February 2010

So how are things in the H.A. Camp? Please spill the dark beans! After your upload of the Summer studio report with the inclusion of a Demo from the upcoming album I must say that things sound like they are coming along. How has the writing process been and any ideas on a release date?

Yeah..we’re probably going to scrap all that demo material from last summer and start again. Haha. Things are OK. A little quiet. Being a two piece with a member that’s already in a successful (and sublime band; Salute) you find that time is problematic…also we both have full time jobs/partners etc. So, yeah…quiet.

Writing process for the new record is exciting, frustrating and liberating. We are stripping everything back. We put layers of guitars on there and then just decide it was better without. It’s great…cleaning out. Spring clean.

The lyrics in H.A. to me are just as important and stand for H.A. as the music does. How will the next album differ or is there a continuation process from the last record?

Lyrically this a totally different animal. Still bleak and pretty dark stuff…but it’s more of a social comment.

How has the reaction been over the last year or so since the release of Famine (Into The Bellies Of Worms)

There has been little to no reaction. We remain on the fringe of acceptable genre cliches. Nobody is interested in what I’m trying to do.

What have been the main influences to the upcoming record both musically and personally, I remember watching your first studio report and learnt illness and depression played a big role on the first record. Is the new album taking anything a step into another direction?

Musically, Public Image Ltd, Swans, David Bowie and always Killing Joke.

In so far as personally, illness and depression, not so much. Really the first album was based on the strange dreams I was having due to the medication I was on at the time…that and a couple of very personal issues that needed ‘ironing out’ so to speak.

For the new stuff I’ve been writing about the end of the World. I mean, really, we are living at the end of times..death of culture, death of media and last but not least, we’ve really fucked up the Earth. The weather is totally shot. Either that or nature is saying “Enough. Get off.” So yeah, a step in a different direction. Society death. Real living threat. Ignorance.

Have you considered playing live any time soon?

We’d really like to in theory. Getting the right people for the job is going to prove really difficult. I’m not sure who the audience will be. We’re seriously thinking of stripping the whole sound down and  playing Dub gigs or back-end pubs as a two piece. I’m just fed up with cliches, genres and fans of such things. Take music back to a beat, the throb of bass and pure emotion.

What’s next for H.A. can we expect a lot more to come in the future?

New album ‘Next Question” will be released at some point this year, don’t know when. Every time I think we’re nearly finished there’s something else I want to add, change in the mix or new songs I want to stick on there. It’s certainly going to be a lot longer an album than ‘Famine’ and a lot more orginal. We’ve got some really horrible shit on there, can’t wait until it’s heard.

Any last comments?

Nope. May the road rise with you.




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Shortly after receiving his honoree degree today at Coventry University in the medical profession, now; Doctor Even Davis was warmly welcomed by University students at the Coventry Conversation at the Allan Berry building.

Evan Davis is most commonly known for his financial journalist work on the Today Program and also presenting on the BBC venture-capitalist television program Dragons Den.

Evan explains that before going into any interview he has always set himself two goals as a result of what he hopes to gain from the person he is interviewing in question: “I have two goals, it should be educational and entertaining for the audience, and should be about asking the clever questions to perhaps a politician who may be won over by the interviewer or if they can respond with an exceptional answer”


Evan gave advice to the students of Coventry University who wish to go into the field of journalism by relying on a plan B when studying the course and allow that plan to be something you as an individual can engage with and take a large interest in whether that be politics, history, the environment or film etc: “There is not one correct style of interviewing or journalism as there can never be one universal answer. The BBC has different standards and the Blog world also has different standards…” Journalism may no longer exist in time so have something more in your life to work towards or follow something you deeply believe in”.


Due to the current climate of the British economy and capitalism and also the amount of expenditure politicians have been exploited for in the last year, the BBC have also been victimised for their recent spending and their politically unbalanced reception to the economy; John Mayor asked the question to Evan whether he feels the ‘BBC are in trouble?’: “The BBC feels under attack because it appears to the public to be having a good time at the expense of others which may not be the truth but is becoming too apparent in the way the BBC are presenting themselves recently”.

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Access Denied?

Approached in person at the Ellen Terry building of Coventry University, Damien Fowler was questioned by a former student Abul who feared his future career as a journalist may be jepordised before he even reaches his degree…

The former Student of Coventry University Abul was told today at the reception of the Student Centre that he may be denied to carry on with his Journalism course at the university because he re-applied for his course ‘too late into the year’.

Abul was in his second year of his degree in 2007 when a personal issue kept him from being able to continue: “My wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 which meant I had to leave the course to look after her and my 5 year old son. They live in London so I had to comeback to them and leave my course.” Two years on Abul has now returned from his dilemma and visited Coventry University to reapply for continuation of his second year.

The University is only in week 6 of the term and when Abul left in 2007 he was half way through the second year which he feels slightly advanced about compared to those only in week 6 of the first term. To Abul and other students of Coventry University that he has spoken with, this shouldn’t be an issue for him to simply re-start his second year with an already established understanding of what the second year entails which he also has work to show for it, and also coming from a journalistic background (Abul was a mature student who worked briefly as an apprentice for a local London paper called ‘The Peak’ in 2002).

 The University has still not reached a decision and has left Abul stranded in a frustrated limbo with only more time being wasted.

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72 Hours to do ANYTHING…

Coventry University students from the media department were given a 72 hour challenge this week to make a film based on ‘anything they want’. Group 3D that consists of Media Production students and also Journalism and Media decided to interview the people of Coventry with just one question…

‘If you had 72 hours to do anything what would you do?’

Damien Fowler decided to join them on this ambitious quest…

The interviews ranged from a cross section of the public from young students to pensioners, to the disabled and ethnic minorities.

Sam Tubb a Media Production student in the group explained they had learnt that most people who answered this question almost always focused on materialistic answers e.g. going on a shopping binge for 72 hours or buying things they would not usually be capable of affording…

‘A lot of the students just put themselves first and would just want to do what they would normally do, most of the answers they gave were just about going shopping for clothes which doesn’t seem to be a different habit to their normal ideas. They seemed to focus on wanting to have lots of money and not doing anything creative with the power of doing anything in 72 hours.’

Leanne Matthews also in the group got an entirely different answer from a disabled gentleman who had MS…

‘…he had MS and just wanted to think about how with the power of being able to do anything in 72 hours if he could find a cure for himself and just treat his family to something very special like a holiday. He focused on more important things rather than just buying clothes or whatever. He also talked about charity’.

The conclusion the group had learnt was those who seemed more fortunate seemed to be a lot more self indulgent than those who were not. Whether this is a moral or ethics decision on the interviewee is arguable but with such a broad question as the one they had asked, just take a moment to think of the incredible things you could do if you could do ANYTHING for 72 hours: Abolish charity? End the British recession? Find a cure for cancer?

What would you do?

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An unpredictable yet totally justifiable end to what could have been a winner of a night. Last night’s agenda at the Rising Sun, Coventry was intended to be a total metallic onslaught on all the victims who attended the gig. The night’s bill consisted of Carpathia (Black/Progressive Metal from Coventry) Effigy Of Sorrow (Tech-Metalcore from Coventry) and the night’s controversy Parole (Slugdecore/Doom also from Coventry)

The night kicked of with Carpathia who delivered a flawless set with new Bass player Ross Byers. Delivering just two songs and clocking in at just over half an hour, Carpathia demonstrate a crystal clear connection of both aggression and emotion through their emotionally engaging riffs and story like lyrics. A tight set and always memorable, Carpathia are always an honor to watch. Debut album to follow in the New Year.


With only one guitarist accompanied by the Hellish drums and beat-down vocals Effigy Of Sorrow gave a short yet memorable set of technical metal echoing such modern contemporaries as Job For a Cowboy yet still pummeling down the pace with crushing breakdowns.remanisant of Hardcore legends such as Terror.

Spot on musicianship all round.


Parole probably ended up being the most talked about band of the night yet they didn’t even get to play a SINGLE filthy note to at that point a completely rammed Rising Sun. As the oppressed mongheads hit the stage to deliver a crushing display of window shattering riffs and bleach gargling vocals, all Hell broke loose as a drunken idiot in the crowd began hurling abuse and threatening behavior towards one of the band member’s partner.

Red mist drew a curtain over the night and with seconds away from beginning the set, one of Parole came crashing through the crowd and totally destroyed the idiot who given the chance (claimed by eye witnesses) would of attacked a younger woman for no good reason. Blood spread over the rising Sun and the gig was disbursed into a frenzy of police and shock.

Lesson learnt that Parole are a band not to be messed with and living to their name are not afraid to stand against apparent ‘PC justice’ even if its not redeemed an acceptable action of retaliation. A shame to kill their set, but a great send off to show that people can stand up for what they believe in.


Damien Fowler – 8th November

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London Travel Expenses


Boris Johnson says travel costs in London will rise in the New Year to fill another funding hole for transport in Britain. Our reporter Damien Fowler has asked one commuter to count the cost of daily travel…

‘Arriving into London and planning in advance can certainly save the pennies. From the Midlands, traveling to London by train can cost you on average £20-£30 per person if the ticket is purchased on the day. If booked in advanced from websites such as the National Rail, expenses for tickets such as ‘super-off peak’ returns can subsidise the price by more than half.

London being such an expensive trip I asked myself how the people of London cope themselves with traveling in and out of the city centre to work and anywhere else?

 I met with a Brazilian, Kristiano who moved to London a couple of years ago in search of work that to begin with couldn’t speak any English and has no major qualifications. ‘When I first came to London I found it very hard to find a job or to speak with people, they never seemed interested and I felt very lost’. Now working at a London local hospital and a lock-up facility, Kristiano is on a reasonable and steady wage.

But how much does it cost him to get to work as he doesnt drive and must result to London travel facilities?

‘I live in South East London and to get to work it takes me nearly an hour most days by using both Bus and Tube. After I work in the daytime at the hospital I must travel to the lock-up as a watchman that takes nearly 45 minutes east from the hospital. Altogether it costs me approximately £80 a week just to get to work.’

£320 a month on travel and also rent and rates on his average income wage of £850, living in London made me realise the drastic difference on travel expenses from just coming from a small town myself to England’s capital. And with the recession still amongst us it really does question how much capital comes out of travel costs into the economy.

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Prior to Nick Griffin the leader of the BNP’s appearance on Question Time last Thursday, local members of the Socialist Party in Coventry held an open meeting for any students to attend to express their views on opinions on the forth coming topic of the BNP and Question Time. The BNP have recently gained a lot of exposure and publicity that has been aiming their policies at the general public but also creating much controversy by the ethnics and moral that it threats to all un-nationalistic minorities. By simply visiting the BNP website it becomes clearly apparent that their policies sway towards British independents and racial tension in this manifesto.

Some of the BNP policies include: Immigration – ‘Time to say enough!’ Foreign AID – ‘Time to spend our money on our own people!’ Foreign Affairs – ‘Britain’s interests first!’

By simply reading the taglines alongside each policy it already becomes clear that more than half the policies are instigating friction and racial tension to non-British citizens.

Local campaigner Paul Hunt against the BNP who was the spokesman at the Socialist Party meeting describes the racial tension as ‘only half the story’…

“In my lifetime there has never been such distrust in political parties for investing in normal people. The BNP have created an impression as a party aiming themselves at working class British people who may have been ex-Labour (party) who may have become tired of Eastern Europeans and Portuguese etc taking British Jobs from them”Paul Hunt –  October 20th

 It became clear that those who attended the meeting’s main concern was that the general public have began to feel consistently let down by the Labour Government and are now turning to alternatives to speak for the them because many British citizens now fear that they no longer have an identity in their own country.

 Nick Griffin has backed up this agenda by stating previously that ‘the big three parties wont be able to cut across the BNP because they are partly the problem’ By alienating the three largest parties the BNP have managed to create the impression they are an individual party that are here to speak for those who feel let down by the government and as a British citizen and with the recent controversy over Labour and Conservative councilors giving themselves a pay rise, the local BNP councilors of Nuneaton and Bedworth described this decision as “Immoral”…

“The independent report was accepted by cabinet and brought in front of the full council meeting as a minor item in a sub-section of a cabinet report. As soon as we spotted it we were incensed.  Immoral, duplicitous, and sneaky were the politer words we came up with. Labour and Conservative councilors were conspicuous only for their uncomfortable silence.”

The Socialist Party’s response to the lenient allowance of giving power to these political parties was ‘To fight against we should build something that unites everyone against the BNP and major political parties that don’t insist on much action’

Damien Fowler

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