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205MC – Opening Credits Task: Dexter

The opening credits shows our character preparing for his day from the moment he wakes to leaving for work. Semiotic examples of blood and food signifies to the audience the representation of murder and pain which is contextual to the story of the show as our main character is a serial killer who kills serial killers.

So signs of aggression and blood represent the behavior of our character’s double life. The fact that what we see is such a normal routine to daily life affects our relationship between preparing breakfast and getting changed by prolonged shots of suggestive images or gestures of strangulation and sharp instruments associated with murder and serial killers.

This makes the relationship between our audience and these images paradigmatic because all meaning is constructed and transmitted through oppositional suggestion: the image is an egg but the egg is being smashed like perhaps a head on a curb. The breakfast is being eaten is but the drips splash on the plate like the splash back of a stabbing.

Our character is very much in control of what he is doing so we have a dominant representation of an alpha male figure but the audience can only associate this role with the shots of our character himself, the message of his split personality or alter ego is only loosely denoted through again the uses of symbolism of blood on his name in the opening scene or the use of the sharp instruments.

The opening credits lack any kind of generic ideology that this text is of the police/crime thriller genre such as no symbols of law and order but instead it focuses more on horror elements such as blood and everything happening behind closed doors like a secret life but it DOES show authority and calculated timing which gives the impression that our character is a professional at what he does.


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