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Remembering how were were

What we had and how we touched

Like no other is this cascade of silver tears that I blink into your memory

Why taint a dream with this drear of night wonder and oval webs as we dance?

Damien Fowler – Winter 2009


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Thrash Metal. Like many of the other genres in the metal world, the constant surge of waves in interest for it have come and gone through generations of young headbanger’s since the mid 80’s. Some have pushed it to new levels, some have taken it down a notch.

But some (despite age and timing of formation) have always kept to the true aesthetics of Thrash by bashing out some pure and ugly aggression in a whirlwind of alcohol fuelled mayhem whilst banging their head to Sodom’s In The Sign Of Evil.

Hailing from Kolbotn, Norway: Nekromantheon are no exception. Starting out in 2005, the band has played in important festivals such Maryland Death Fest 2010 (US) and Live Evil Festival in London. I caught up with Drummer Christian “Kick” Holm shortly after their show in Bergen for an insight to the band’s recent progress…


Interview 23rd February 2012

So how are things in the Nekromantheon camp? Since the release of your new album Rise, Vulcan Spectre what has the reaction been like so far?

Things are going great, really. It seems we’ve done something right on the new album, people seem to really enjoy it. The label actually sold out the first edition in about a month, which is pretty weird for an old school thrash metal band. Even though it’s now what we’d expected, we’re glad to hear there are people out there who appreciate what we’re doing!

I managed to catch you guys in Bergen at the Hulen as part of the Fire Walk With Me Vol. 2 tour and was blown away. How has the tour been going and what have been your favourate highlights?

Thanks, good to hear you liked the show! The tour was enough fun for a full month stuffed into a bus and driven around the west coast of Norway in four days, hehe. The Bergen-gig was definitely a highlight for me, the crowd and the venue was great and all the bands did their best shows in my opinion.


What is the recording process like for you guys, your love for old skool thrash and the old skool sound is very prominent in your recordings. Do your musical influences play a vital role in this development?

Absolutely! When we record anything at all, we always focus on keeping a dirty, old school atmosphere in the sound. This definitely has something to do with the fact that all the bands we love the most are dirty, old school bands, hehe. It just sounds better that way, more authentic, you know?

In recent years it has become more apparent (well atleast for me! Ed) that there has been a sudden surge of interest from the youth of today to take more of an interest in the old skool extreme metal scene rather than listening to what their local metal magazine suggests, and has resulted in more and more young bands surfacing with these attributes. Is it something you guys have noticed?

We’ve noticed the same thing, it’s definitely something going on with the kids today, haha. Maybe it’s a question of timing? We grew up in the 90’s, and most of the music from that entire decade is awful. It was then we started realizing that all the good stuff had already happened , so we started listening to older stuff instead. But the best thrash albums are always done by youngsters anyway, maybe it’s got something to do with being an angry kid with a burning desire to play like there’s no tomorrow.

How important are the lyrics to Nekromantheon?

The lyrics are important to us, in the way that we feel the message behind the words reflect the message in the music itself, especially on “Rise, Vulcan Spectre”. And the way they are performed by Arild makes it even better, you can easily tell he’s screaming both his guts and heart out, hehe. It’s something else than hearing some pop-diva humming an auto tuned chorus she got in the mail the day before and doesn’t even know what it’s about, I’ll tell you that.

Recent press reactions to Rise, Vulcan Spectre have seemed very positive and with respective plugs from enthusiasts such as Fenriz of Darkthrone through his Band Of The Week website and appearances at Live Evil Fest (a festival featuring band chosen by Fenriz from his band of the week. Ed) did you guys expect such a positive reaction this fast?

Well, we were selected as BotW and played the Live Evil Festival over a year before the release of “Rise, Vulcan Spectre”, so we definitely didn’t think it would be THAT fast, hehe! We did know some people had heard and liked “Divinity of Death”, and when we signed with Indie Recordings we knew they were gonna do a good job promoting the new LP. It didn’t surprise us that much that the reaction was fast, it was the extreme positivity that was unexpected. People seem to really like our new material, way more people than we thought would.

What’s next for Nekromantheon?

Arild and Sindre are in the middle of a creative spree with their death metal band, Obliteration. They’re gonna finish writing their third album this spring, and hopefully we can all go on a small tour or play some festivals after summer. As for Nekromantheon, we have a double 7″ split coming up, with fellow Norwegian thrashers Deathhammer, Black Magic and Carniwhöre. Remember to check it out, it’s gonna be an instant classic!

Any last words?

Thanks for the interview, hope to catch you the next time! And yeah, if you haven’t already bought the Antichrist – “Forbidden World” LP, you should go do it right away! Killlller thrash insanity from our Swedish friends, don’t miss out on this one!



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A pale reflection of discordant shapes and passive matters, buried deep in earth too tainted by emotional affairs

A bitter taste it is to announce the one side of this mental coin that shows a ‘tale’ of dismay rather than the ‘head’ of honesty

I hold onto time in all forms like a child holding the hand of a foster parent for the first time… Unsure, hollow, trusting, but ‘safe?’

In waves I bite the tongue of savage manic thought in an unruly conflict of what I feel is right and wrong

In waves I bite too hard and spill the blood of tortured visions created by anxious clarity and schizophrenic delight

Like a candle I burn away… Getting smaller by minute… Melting by seconds… I’ am the same substance… But I change form…

My cries are heard like a pathetic wind howling in a small well

I look to the sky but there is no God there to hear my screams… Just stars and planes hovering like a carpet of smoke over my clouded vision…

Sometimes I haunt myself with fear

Sometimes I haunt myself with anger

Sometimes I haunt myself with nostalgia

Sometimes I haunt myself with you…

… Yet nothing is heard… As this Ocean Crashes.

Damien Fowler, May 2011

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