Coventry University music student Jack Lord was launching his debut album followed by a live show in the Ellen Terry building later that evening. I was able to catch up with Jack briefly due to his tight and hectic schedule of getting everything sorted for the evening as well as putting some of the finishing touches to his album. I asked if he was available for a short interview which he accepted to but after he was done with everything that evening which was of course understandable. I spent the today researching Jack’s music and the background to his project to compose a list of questions for my interview.


Due to a clash in both our schedules over the next week we were not able to do it as a visual piece which is what I originally intended to do. I wanted to make a feature including clips of his music and a two-way style interview. Unfortunately the interview was postponed as a result and I had to wait a few more days for him to get back to my questions.


A delay was caused over the next couple of days at my placement, due to a clash of commitments between both iCov and my university course. A timed task/news day was set up and to be completed over the Wednesday and Thursday. As I have a continuing slot every Thursday for my iCov gig guide I knew it was just a case of finding one article to compensate for the Wednesday that I had to be within university. Fortunately as my placement at iCov is within the university, it was deemed acceptable to use what I had done on the timed task/news day for iCov.


Day 13

Assigned into pairs we had to compose a visual piece of news for a television feature that would be aired together with the rest of the class in a collective much like the half an hour news. Our piece ended up to be quite an interesting one as far as I was concerned. We were to make a feature on a movie on the first feature length movie to be written, produced and edited by Coventry university media production students, Latitude the movie. Not only was it the first film to come from the university but it was also filmed across the continents, the UK and California. We were able to interview the producer of the film Mark Le Mare and were given permission from him to use footage from the film for out feature. I did all of the filming for this task.


Day 14

After uploading my seven day gig guide to the iCov website, I then began to edit and put together the finishing touches to our news package. This included co-writing the script and throwing in a few extra scenes to wrap up our report. My colleague James Nissen presented the piece and concluded it. We met our deadline and the piece even though it is considered part of another publication (CU Today) is now uploaded to the iCov website.



I arrived today reminded by my iCov colleagues about a Coventry conversation with film and television actress Greta Scacchi. As I had some time before I was able to pick my camera up to take some shots of today’s dance performance I decided to join them. The main point to her visit was mainly to speak about her relationships with certain directors which were the reasons I was aware one of my colleagues at iCov was attending for. It was what she said to begin with about her childhood and how she got into acting that caught my attention, so with my colleagues permission I asked if I could do a feature on some the things she had to say on the subject for an article later in the week.


I booked out a digital camera for the dance performance this afternoon as I was expecting to see a live performance by some of the students. Instead I experienced something unexpected, it was a visual performance portrayed on projectors that told a story entitled ‘Finding Abbey’. As it was a visual duration piece, the footage was looped for several hours throughout the day so students and others could come and attend whenever they liked. It lasts for about 10 minutes at a time and after a few photos in a poorly lit room I was able to start my article. I actually quite enjoyed what I saw but it certainly demanded patience and ‘an eye’ for that sort of thing.


Tomorrow I’am busy working with other uni arrangements so I have already pre-written tomorrow’s article on the Coventry conversation to be published.

This mornings’ editorial meeting was mainly an appraisal on our recent work on making the facebook and twitter pages for iCov. After a brief brainstorming of ideas for the week ahead it was then discussed about us covering the upcoming news days for the journalism and media students in our class. As there a series of field trips ahead which we don not have to attend, we are now able to attend as iCov representative to film the students partake in the task in hand for 201MC.

There were a couple of delays in researching and beginning our articles for today due to other uni commitments such as another meeting. I noticed there is a visual dance performance happening tomorrow so I will plan to cover that after looking into it some more first.

After hearing about the interest last week in Chinese investors taking an interest in Coventry City FC I decided to see if any events themed around the team were happening. To my luck I discovered that the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry are re-showing their 2010 success ‘We Love You City’ in celebration of it being twenty five years since Coventry City won the FA cup.

I thought this was a nice gesture to write about so I decided to write an article promoting the play’s contents as well as the annual event.



Day 9

It has now been a week since my first gig guide, since then I have came up with more ideas for improving my first attempt in terms of how it is formatted and including more information about the gigs and getting others involved. After doing my weekly sift and gathering all the listings I could find in the Coventry and Warwickshire area, I gave a more clear description of the whereabouts of the gigs complimented by the occasional image.

In regards to getting more people involved I have made my E-mail contact available at the end of the listing explaining that iCov are interested in hearing from people who may be in a band, a promotor who want further promotion for their event such as photography and interviews by myself for the iCov website. I’am also looking into the possibility of cheap business cards.


Day 10

After the successful amount of filming and content my colleagues were able to obtain from the CUSU awards on the 10th May, today was about discussing and editing our news package covering these events.

They were able to obtain three separate interviews with several winners of different awards, two being students and one being lecturers. We decided to cover it at an angle, which just portrayed how well and successful the evening had gone whilst also praising the success of the said interviews.

As I was not able to attend the filming I made it my duty to write most of the script under the approval of my colleagues, as well as editing the footage. After agreeing to a chronological order we wanted our story to scoop, the script was then written in a way that complements the idea and order of our story. My contribution to the script writing mostly focussed on the introduction, mentioning the food, drink and smiles that highlighted the warm and positive atmosphere to the evening.

After a long day editing we were able to complete the video and it is now posted to the iCov website. The only negative point was the sound quality to our interviews, as we did not have the substantial microphones for such a loud atmosphere. We hope to do a similar package again as soon as possible but with the necessary audio equipment.


Today as a group with my iCov colleagues we decided that more must be informed about the iCov website and its content, and with the global success of social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, we thought iCov could do with the same treatment.

After confirming over the phone with our editor permission to make such pages which was granted, we began working immediately on compiling the web pages and necessary E-mail address’s needed.

Facebook is a good source for directing links to the iCov website for friends and other students to click on and link the page, and was twitter is good for us to inform them what we are doing and for us to follow potential stories for the website.

We are now planning on redesigning and updating the iCov website as it’s content is now obsolete and a bit dated. We plan on adding badges and apps to the site for mobile phone users which is something we feel is the new way of modern journalism.


In an attempt to get inspiration for my article today I joined my colleagues at iCov to one of the Coventry Conversations that featured prolific Sky News foreign correspondent Alex Crawford. Alex Crawford scooped the world in 2011 for her outstanding bravery and documented footage of the Libyan rising and the fall of Goddafi.

I found that revisiting the footage and listening to Crawford directly inspiring and also revived my faith in the importance and dramatic qualities journalism can have, it really is about being in the right place at the right time.

After the Coventry Conversation was over, her book entitled Colonel Goddafi’s Hat was on sale for purchase, basing on how inspired I was by her talk I bought a copy immediately, which she was kind enough to sign for me.

I used today’s Coventry Conversation as a hook to write an article plugging Alex in a profile way, as well as informing others about her book being on sale and worth reading. I hope to do a follow up review of the book once I have read it for iCov.