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All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The author of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site, or found by following any link on this site.
Neither the Author nor host will be liable for any errors or omissions in this information, nor for the availability of this information. The Author and host will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.
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Here is my audio presentation about my time at iCov:

Damien Fowler

OBJECTIVE: To gain entry-level media experience, where creative initiative, ideas and a genuine enthusiasm will allow me to progress into a range of fields of broadcast and internet journalism.



  • April 2012 – Present: iCov Music Editor:

Responsibilities: Composing articles on a daily basis for Internet, radio and television broadcasts such as interviews, reviews and features.

Script writing and cameraman skills: Filming and editing both visual and sound aspects then composing the script to news packages and features.


  • September 2009 – Present: Student Journalist

Coventry University:

Responsibilities: News features, news packages, research, reviews,

Conducting interviews, radio and broadcast Court reports, writing scripts, filming meetings.

  • January 2010 – Present: Antimosh Blog


Responsibilities: Freelance reviewing and interviewing of live bands/projects

‘Band of the Week’ section: raising awareness and networking upcoming bands and albums. A new band gets posted every week.


  • November 2008: North Roundabout Magazine – Published Article

Responsibilities: Written article promoting my very own independent Record/Coffee shop distributed across North Leamington and Warwick

  • November 2005: 4QRadio.com – Broadcasted visual interview

Responsibilities: Composing an interview for the band In Flames. This included researching my questions and rehearsing them to give a clear and confident interview.


  • 2009 – Present: Coventry University

BA (Hons) Journalism and Media

  • 2004 – 2007: Binswood Sixth Form

A Levels: Media Studies: B, English Literature: C, Drama & Theatre Studies: C

  • 1999 – 2004: North Leamington School & Arts College

GCSE’s:  English Language and Literature: B, Sociology: C,

Drama & Theatre Studies: C, Food Technology: C


  • Editorial skills: editing and sub-editing articles for online publications. Demonstrating the correct format and word count for online publications. Knowing how to use appropriate images and other visuals to either emphasize or support certain articles.
  • Research skills: Making contacts in the fields required for specific article content, contacting interviewees, essay research via library/internet.
  • Fast and proficient IT: Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, E-mail, HTML, WordPress and similar blog pages, Adobe Premier and Audacity for visual and audio editing.
  • Teamwork: cooperation with others in a professional work environment, including listening to each other and taking equal responsibility when using equipment and task research. Equal credits recognized.
  • Communication skills: Approaching people for permission to interview and to video, record or photograph their work for publishing. Expressing critical opinions in essays and seminars.
  • Self-motivation/management: genuine interests in music and travel journalism, working to fund studies and travel. Interviewing musicians I have patiently approached and gained access too.
  • Providing excellent customer service: customer focused employment, meeting deadlines and being fully aware of all aspects of tasks in hand.


  • Television: watching intelligent drama, sport and documentaries
  • Journalism: reading a broad range of publications (local and national) for the latest news and criticism
  • New Media: researching and exploring on the Internet; computer games
  • Cinema: going to cinema with friends; discussing film; reading critical works
  • Literature: continue to pursue this interest by reading a diverse range of texts
  • Music: composing, writing, touring and listening to many different genres of music and going to gigs




May 2011 – Present Yeomans OutdoorsSales Assistant:

  • Serving customers, taking customer orders, replenishing stock and signing for deliveries

September – November 2011 Tie RackSales Advisor:

  • Advising customers reassurance with products, serving customers and banking

September 2006 – June 2009 Barclays Market Research

  • Customer service surveyor, dealing with stolen or cancelled credit cards, business banking


Date of Birth 04.02.88

Tel. 07915370945

173 Cubbington Road, Leamington Spa

My final day at iCov was concluded today by the last of our editorials meetings. We spoke briefly about our journey and what we felt we had gained from this experience. By being in a constant motion of researching, writing and editing articles I feel it has improved my writing skills as a journalist a lot. I hope to continue writing useful post for the iCov website even after my time on this placement.


I concluded my twenty days of article writing by publishing the delayed Jack Lord interview which was responded to in the early hours of this morning.


As previously mentioned on my last diary entry I will still continue to submit my seven day gig guide and continue finishing of the package in regards to the media communication students. This was initially to make up for the two days where no articles were produced due to university and work commitments, but now I wish to continue doing such things to improve my writing capability and to expand my contacts for future reference.


My time at iCov was better than I first anticipated and I do not feel at any point I did not improve or learn something new about online journalism and journalism in general. The placement has been ultimately rewarding and I would like to thank everyone I have worked with and who was involved.

Media production students have been given a task as part of a module to attend a series of field trips in unknown locations as part of the module requirement, their task is to rethink, react and respond. iCov have been given permission to film and cover their journey throughout all three trips as well as their conclusion at the end of this current term. I was able to attend the second of the three field trips which was to Wimbledon where the students were put into groups and had to follow a series of tasks set for them throughout the day. As a cameraman, I did not interact with them indirectly but filmed the responses and actual tasks throughout the day.


The package is still in progress and will expand out of my time at iCov but along with my colleagues, we are more than happy to complete the entire package in our own time. This as well as an additional iCov seven day gig guide will componsate for the two days where no article was produced due to university and work commitments.

Continuing with the amount of different material I collected from the A Picnic in Limbo exhibition, I concluded with a final feature this time focusing on the artwork with a critical approach to the concept of the exhibition. The art was from two separate art students from Coventry University who both have a different style and theme. As the music from Dandelion Tea was part of the collaboration, it often nodded towards the brighter and friendlier pieces from artist Mircea Telegea, whereas it’s more atmospheric and down-tempo beats hinted at the pale and desolate landscapes envisioned by Robert Czerniawski.

I was only able to get the names and permission of photographing their artwork by Jordie Sunshine as long as I published their names in my article.

After finishing this article I had made another seven day gig guide in advance as I would be covering a field trip as a cameraman for iCov the next day. Also my Latitude the movie feature had been uploaded and was passed on to me, ready to be edited and uploaded to iCov on the same day.


Day 16


An interesting collaboration was held on this day in the Herbert Gallery of Coventry University. It was an exhibition called A Picnic in Limbo that offered a beautiful variety of art and music brought together to make an interesting project. The first thing that struck me when entering the room was the music which I would later find out is a project by third year music production student who goes by the name Jordie Sunshine. I enjoyed the music so much I bought his album, his project is entitled Dandelion Tea and the album is called A Picnic in Limbo. I explained to Jordie about my placement and told him I would so a review of his album later that day which I did go on to do, but asked him also for an interview as a kind of follow up for the next day after the exhibition had finished which he agreed to.

I spent the duration of the day listening to the album to give it a fair chance to gel with me and then began to write my review. This is the kind of reviewing I like doing in my spare time anyway so it was great to use it for iCov.




Day 17


Today was spent sub-editing and gather all my quotes from yesterday’s interview with Jordie, we spoke mainly about the exhibition and the concept behind his album. I was intrigued by his choices in artwork and the contrast of bright colours and music with somber and brooding landscapes. The concept of being ‘stuck in limbo’ between these two different artistic areas was well executed.